The Giant Peach visits thinkspace… check out Tiffany Owenby’s new works…

The killer new website/webshop/info portal recently paid us a visit here at Thinkspace and we just wanted to mention that to you all, as we really dig the site/shop and what they’ve got cooking over there. You may have noticed their cool ads in the past few issues of Juxtapoz.

View their visit to our gallery at the news archive link below, just scroll down to ‘December 6th’ and you can check it out:

They took a special liking to a new artist we were debuting in our back room by the name of Tiffany Owenby. Tiffany is a paper mache sculpture artist living in NC. I came across her work in NYC last year when I went to the gift shop for the Folk Art Museum there next to MOMA. This year I visited again, to find more new works, and decided to add a piece to our collection and got in touch with her upon my return to LA.

We’ll be posting some great new works from Tiffany in our ‘available works’ section later this week. Until then, check out more on here at her site:

The Trinity blog launches – showcasing the progress for the show this Feb @ thinkspace

The Trinity blog launches – showcasing the progress for the show this Feb @ thinkspace

Check it out and watch the works come together for this February’s show @ thinkspace…

“The Trinity” features:
Marion Bolognesi (Queens, NY)
Zach Johnsen (Brooklyn, NY)
Tony Philippou (The Bronx, NY)

These three upcoming artists from NYC will invade our space this coming February and we can’t wait. The blog they’ve launched is offering a great glimpse into the creative process and they’re aiming to update it a few times a week.

Look for more on “The Trinity” soon.

Our hearts go out to Skot Olsen and the Harold Golen Gallery…

Just saw this on the Kid Robot forum and wanted to send out our thoughts… this is just horrible and such a loss – Skot’s new body of work was just stunning.

From the board:
Hundreds of amazing and beautiful lowbrow paintings and artwork were destroyed yesterday morning when a fire broke out in Miami Wynwood Art District’s “Harold Golen Gallery” – the current exhibition was especially important due to the international art fair Art Basel, which wrapped up this past Sunday. Among the paintings that were lost are the work of Ron English, Tim Biskup, Niagara, Mars One and most notably Skot Olsen. The now destroyed show was called “Subjective Reality” and featured at its center ALL of the new neo-psychedelic artwork of Skot Olsen, which has taken years to complete. Destroyed in the fire were a dozen paintings by this lowbrow/pop surrealist artist who unveiling his new direction and more realistic painting style at Art Basel show this weekend.

All that remains of his work are a few prints available on the artists website: Saint Psilocybe & Saint Elyse’s Epiphany.

Obviously, Skot Olsen is shocked and heartbroken and could use any support that the art community can muster. A year of work down the toilet!

Also news coverage at:

Thinkspace profiled in the new issue of Juxtapoz (issue 84)…

Thinkspace is profiled in the upcoming issue of Juxtapoz (issue 84 / Tomer Hanuka on cover) as part of their monthly 2-page “Insider” feature. We were photographed by the one and only Estevan Oriol and the article was written by Kevin Staniec who does .ISM magazine ( – be sure to check it out, came out really nice and we can’t thank Juxtapoz enough for profiling our gallery.