DABS MYLA team up with 123 Klan and RIME for a big mural in Hollywood

Vegemite powered dynamic duo DABS MYLA recently teamed up with SCIEN and KLOR (aka 123 Klan) and RIME to paint a big wall together in Hollywood.

Check out more pics of the mural coming to life on the duo’s blog:

Dabs Myla at the Agenda Trade Show in Anaheim

Close up of Dabs Myla's mural from the Agenda Trade Show in Anaheim, CA

Never ones to take a break, Dabs Myla recently rocked a live mural during the Agenda Trade Show down in Anaheim, CA earlier this month.

Check out a set of pics of the finished mural coming to life here:

Upcoming shows in the months ahead include a small solo show alongside Shag during Modernism Week up in Palm Springs at M Modern Gallery, a piece in Greg Simkins’ show he’s curating at 1988 Gallery and they’ll also be heading up to Portland, OR with us this March for our ‘LAX/PDX’ show we’re curating at Together Gallery. After that they plan a lil’ trip back home to Australia and then it’s back to the studio to continue work on their upcoming solo show at Thinkspace coming up this August.

Keep tabs on the duo here: www.dabsmyla.com

ROA on the streets of Los Angeles (recap)

ROA out at the Salton Sea (pic courtesy of Unurth.com)

Be sure to check out Unurth for a full recap of all of ROA‘s exploits while he was out in Los Angeles. They have great images of his stay both before, during and after his recent pop-up show that we presented.

ROA at the Salton Sea: www.unurth.com/878417/Roa-Salton-Sea-California
ROA at the Manual Arts School: www.unurth.com/878423/Roa-Manual-Arts-Los-Angeles
ROA at an abandoned oil refinery: www.unurth.com/841652/Roa-Hits-An-Oil-Refinery-California
ROA along the LA river: www.unurth.com/816698/Roa-in-LA
ROA in downtown LA: www.unurth.com/835261/Roa-Possum-Los-Angeles
For add’l footage and another piece or two, check out www.jetsetgraffiti.com

The works from the show continue to sell with only a few major works still available. With an amazing year ahead already coming together for ROA, don’t miss your chance to add a piece from this amazing artist to your collection while you still can.

ROA at Manual Arts School on Vermont as part of the LA Free Walls Project presented by Jetset Graffiti

Big thanks to New Puppy Gallery and Jetset Graffiti for all their help during ROA’s visit to LA.

View works from the show here:

Keep up with ROA here:

Dabs Myla at it again in downtown Los Angeles…

'Only Time Will Tell' mural with Dabs Myla (Australia), Askew and Deus (New Zealand), Vans (Australia), Skore (Germany), Rime, Revok and Witness

Australian duo Dabs Myla are at it again. After rocking the Long Live The Yellow Fin’ mural alongside Craola recently, they hooked up with Askew and Deus (New Zealand), Vans (Australia), Skore (Germany), Rime, Revok, and Witness for a really interesting concept wall in downtown Los Angeles.

Askew had the idea to paint a wall based on the phrase “Only Time Will Tell” with the running theme of the 4 seasons along the wall in order, with each season teamed with each word.

VANS / RIME/ WITNES: Winter, with VANS on letter detail painting the phrase “ONLY”
DABS / MYLA / SCORE: Spring, With SCORE on letter detail painting “TIME”
REVOK / RIME: Summer, REVOK on letter/background detail painting “WILL”
ASKEW / DEUS: Fall, ASKEW on letter detail painting “TELL”

The wall took two long days and nights to complete and came out super strong. Check out more pics of the wall coming to life here: www.flickr.com/photos/thinkspace/sets/72157625677136794/

Keep up with Dabs Myla at www.dabsmyla.com

Dabs and Myla get up again with Craola in downtown LA

Dabs and Myla with Craola in downtown LA (pic courtesy of Daily Dujour)

Dabs and Myla recently teamed up with Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins in downtown LA for the LA Free Walls Project presented by Jetset Graffiti. The new mural is near the corner of 7th & Mateo (right near ROA’s recent possum piece) and came out just stunning. Featuring brush work as well as can work from both, the new mural screams to be viewed in person.

Check out more pics from the painting session and some close ups of their mural here:

Also be sure to check out Dailydujour’s awesome coverage here:

Keep up with the duo here: www.dabsmyla.com

Coming August 2011
Solo in the main gallery of Thinkspace in Culver City. Crikey!