SCOPE IMMERSIVE | Second Edition x September 17 – 20


We are excited to be apart of SCOPE Immersives second online showcase.

This online thematic event present collectors with a unique opportunity to explore and purchase artworks from thirty SCOPE exhibitors remotely in a curated digital and interactive space.

SCOPE Immersive blazes its own path in the digital frontier as one of a kind in show video wall and hosting a full schedule of daily events. The digital experience invites collectors to step inside three-dimensional space and purchase artwork by utilizing the Buy Now or Contact feature. Powered by

We will have works on view from Max Sansing, Carlos Ramirez, and Josh Keyes.

SCOPE Immersive is pleased to welcome a-s-t-r-a gallery (Moscow,) Arte Globale (London), bG Gallery (Santa Monica), The Bishop Gallery (Brooklyn), Black Artists and Designers Guild (Brooklyn), Casa Poidomani (Miami), The Contemporary Art Modern Project (Miami), Cur8 Gallery (New York), The Cynthia Corbett Gallery (London), Duncan Miller Gallery (Santa Monica), Haven Gallery (Northport), Imitate Modern (London), Indiana Bond (Bogota), Jenn Singer Gallery, (New York), Kasper Contemporary (New York), KERSGALLERY (Amsterdam), La Luz De Jesus Gallery (Los Angeles), Laurent Marthaler Contemporary (Montreux), Lustre Contemporary (Toronto), Miami Art Society (Miami), Mirus Gallery (San Francisco & Denver), Mortal Machine (New Orleans), OS Gallery LA (Los Angeles), Paradigm Gallery + Studio (Philadelphia), Project 2021 (New York), Roman Fine Art (East Hampton), Thinkspace (Los Angeles), Vertical Gallery (Chicago), Galerie Vivendi (Paris), and more.

Virtual Tour of Sarah Joncas, Anthony Clarkson, and Sergio Garcia Exhibitions

Thinkspace is pleased to present Sarah Joncas’s ‘Pretty, Broken Flower‘, Anthony Clarkson’s ‘All By Design‘, and Sergio Garcia’s ‘Infinite Circles‘.

Visit for a self-guided tour experience. 

Thank you to Birdman for being our resident virtual tour maker!

Photo Tour of Sarah Joncas, Anthony Clarkson, and Sergio Garcia exhibitions

Thinkspace is pleased to present Sarah Joncas’s ‘Pretty, Broken Flower‘, Anthony Clarkson’s ‘All By Design‘, and Sergio Garcia’s ‘Infinite Circles‘.

August 22, 2020 – September 12, 2020

Photos courtesy of Birdman

Virtual Opening Reception for Sarah Joncas, Anthony Clarkson, and Sergio Garcia

Thinkspace is pleased to present Sarah Joncas’s Pretty, Broken Flower, Anthony Clarkson’s All By Design, and Sergio Garcia’s ‘Infinite Circles.

August 22, 2020 – September 12, 2020

Sarah Joncas – Pretty, Broken Flower

Inspiration behind the exhibition: I didn’t approach this show with an over-arching theme in mind, but instead took the workpiece by piece letting inspiration and each image flow more naturally. I’ve found over the years my paintings tend to turn out better when I let things happen more intuitively, maybe because I’m not forcing a vision. However, much of the inspiration behind the paintings from this show comes from expressing emotion and feeling out individual conflict, letting surreal motifs enhance each portrait by accenting those concerns. The title for the show comes from a work included, something vague enough to envelop all the pieces, but also hinting towards that internal struggle I’m suggesting in them. 

View Available Works from Exhibition ‘Pretty, Broken Flower’

Anthony Clarkson – All By Design

Inspiration behind the exhibition: Usually most of my solo shows revolve around some sort of a theme, but this time I didn’t really do that. I think I tried to push my ideas a bit further along with the overall designs of the pieces. I think my works have been getting more surreal overall and focus on nature a bit more as a theme.

View Available Works from Exhibition ‘All By Design’

Sergio Garcia – Infinite Circles

Inspiration behind the exhibition: This group of work is a bunch of skateboard wheels, infinite circles the title is a play on initials “IC”(infinite crew), a graffiti crew I’m a part of. One of my first solo shows was titled Infinite Chapters, I’ve always liked the play on the initials “IC” and how it pertains to skateboard wheels, I feel that there are an infinite selection and combinations for skateboarders to choose from.

View Available Works from Exhibition ‘Infinite Circles’

Video by Birdman

Sarah Joncas exhibition ‘Pretty, Broken Flower’ is on view starting August 22

Pretty, Broken Flower
On view: August 22, 2020 – September 12, 2020

Toronto-based Sarah Joncas first exhibited with the gallery in 2009 when only 19 years old. Since then, her accomplished work has developed technically and conceptually, garnering international attention for its moody stylization and emotive impact. Her portrait-based paintings focus primarily on female subjects that function as alter egos or symbolic avatars for social, psychological, and personal themes. The figurative becomes a vehicle for more existential and constructivist emphases, an armature around which to posit narrative suggestions and symbolic inferences. Always striving to create a moment of discomposure or tension in her works, Joncas aestheticizes with melancholy and melodrama, tapping into an emotionally charged visual spectrum.

Joncas began her art career intending to pursue illustration and animation, directions that clearly still inform the visual diction of her current work. Highly refined areas of figurative rendering, like the lush skin tones she achieves with oils, are combined with elements of a more graphic sensibility, executed in acrylics, to establish compelling visual tensions between realistic dimensional space and flattened stylization. An early interest in animé and manga, as well as in those neo-noir cinematic references aforementioned, helped to galvanize Joncas’ interest in character-based works. Often posited in heightened emotional contexts, her protagonists are framed by suspenseful allusions to an overarching story or caught in the midst of ambiguous or invisible unfolding scenes. This penchant for plot, mystery, and symbolism is captured in moments of dynamic stillness in which action is both suggested and seized. The surrounding elements in her works, whether animals, objects or patterns, take on concomitant meanings, further reinforcing the larger thematic intimations of her works.

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