Brian Viveros 'The Dirtyland'

‘The Dirtyland: The Art of Brian M. Viveros’ 

The debut collection from Brian M. Viveros published by Thinkspace Editions, 216 pages documenting eighteen years of his work including over 100 full-page reproductions of his classic paintings. ‘The Dirtyland’ also features in-depth essays, an interview with the artist, behind the scenes photographs, and much more. 9×12 inches / hard-cover / edition of 2,000

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Brian Viveros Signing

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All autographed copies of ‘The Dirtyland’ have been sold.

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‘The Gilded Age’ Editions Preview & Details

Gilded Age Horkey

The Gilded Age’
Aaron Horkey
Esao Andrews
Joao Ruas

Opening Reception:
THIS Saturday, September 12th 6-9PM

The following are the details regarding ‘The Gilded Age’ editions and screen prints. For details regarding the pre-sale process and purchasing an edition or screen print please read “Details for the pre-sale process for ‘The Gilded Age’ editions.

TGA folio backClose up of the front cover of the portfolio packaging (shown above)

‘The Gilded Age’ Portfolio Box Set
Edition of 250 portfolios (one print from each artist)
13×13 inches
Die cut and foil stamped
Folio constructed of 200# French Construction Cover Blacktop

Three giclee prints on 300gsm stock with screened varnishing (see images below)
Each individual print measures 12.75 x 12.75 inches
Editions printed by Static Medium
Folio Packaging printed by Studio On Fire

$300 per folio / set (prints not available individually)

TGA folio front

Close up of the back side of the portfolio packaging (shown above)

tga folio


Individual Featured Prints in ‘The Gilded Age’ portfolio  –

TGA Joao Ruas PrintJoao Ruas ‘Galo’

TGA Horkey PrintAaron Horkey ‘The Rotting Time’

Esao Andrews PrintEsao Andrews ‘Satellite’


Esao Andrews Screenprint
Esao Andrews
World Traveler
18×18 inches
Edition of 200
4 color screen print
Speckled off-white 100lb stock
Printed by Daniel Askar at Static Medium

Joao Ruas Screenprint

Joao Ruas
16.5×36 inches
Edition of 200
5 color screen print
French Speckletone Madero Beach stock

Printed by D&L Screenprinting

A Horkey Screen Print Color I

Aaron Horkey
The Gilded Age
24.125×32.125 inches
Regular edition of 200 pieces (31-200 available)
10 color screen print / 9 screens used
French Black Licorice 100#C stock
Printed by Ben Lafond at BRLSQ, August, 2015
Regular Edition: $100 each

A Horkey Screen Print Color II

Aaron Horkey
The Gilded Age
24.125×32.125 inches
Variant edition of 100 pieces (31-100 available)
10 color screen print / 9 screens used
French Black Licorice 100#C stock
Printed by Ben Lafond at BRLSQ, August, 2015
Variant Edition: $200 each


TGA Pin Set

Embossed Soft Enamel Pin Set

One pin each (L-R as shown above) from Aaron Horkey, Esao Andrews, Joao Ruas
*Ranging in size from 1.25″ to 1.5″ inches
Hand-numbered in gold ink out of 100
Comes on backer card in clear sealed sleeve
$35 for the set of 3 (not available individually)

Once again please review the full details of how the editions will be released and sold on our other post, ‘Details for the pre-sale process for ‘The Gilded Age’ editions,‘ if you are determined to get one of these fantastic prints or portfolios.


Details for the pre-sale process for ‘The Gilded Age’ editions

Gilded Age Horkey

‘The Gilded Age’
Aaron Horkey
Esao Andrews
Joao Ruas

Opening Reception:
Saturday, September 12th 6-9PM

Collector Previews for both shows will be shared on Wednesday, September 9th. NO additional details of any kind are available currently regarding original works.

Please note: Horkey and Ruas will each have nine new works and Esao will have eight. If you’d like to be added to the preview list, please sign up for our mailing list on the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Here are the details on how and when we will release ‘The Gilded Age’ editions:
We’re excited to share these details with everyone and can’t wait for you all to see the exhibition. There has been a slew of moving parts for this show to sort out, awaiting final invoices to come in, making sure all the production at various companies was on track, etc. before we felt confident in sharing everything with you all. So, here we go…

  • There will be a folio set in an edition of 250 featuring a 12.75×12.75 inch varnished giclee print from each artist in the exhibition, housed in a deluxe folio similar to the recent ‘Vacuum’ set. Three prints total, only available as a set.
  • Each artist will have an individual screen print, in an edition of 200. Each sold separately and of varying size.
  • There will be an enamel pin set featuring a deluxe soft enamel pin from each artist ranging in size from 1.25 to 1.5 inches. Available as an edition of 100 and only as a set of three.
  • Images and pricing for all of the above editions will be shared next week (we are just awaiting final images and a photograph of the completed folio set and enamel pins).

Out of respect to our neighboring businesses, we do not want anyone lining up overnight or before the day of the show. To make sure this does not happen and to avoid making anyone sleep overnight or sit all day in the heat, we will be passing out numbered tickets. The number you receive will correspond to the folio sets and/or individual screen prints, guaranteeing you first choice at those corresponding numbers.

The numbered tickets will be passed out in random order, so those showing earliest could get a higher number, making it a total in-person lottery system. We will, however, aim to give out 1-200 first, helping to alleviate any worry of showing early and being shut out of the individual screen printed editions.

We will aim to pop outside on the morning of the exhibition (Saturday, Sept. 12th) every 30 minutes from 9AM until 12 Noon (9 / 930 / 10 / 1030 / etc.) to hand out tickets to those awaiting us outside. Please do NOT show up before 8AM the morning of Sat., Sept. 12th. Anyone gathering before 8:30 am will be asked to leave and come back at 9:00 am. We’re serious in trying our best to be courteous to our neighbors, prevent lines, and be fair.

Prints will then be pre-sold that same afternoon (Saturday, Sept. 12th) from 1PM to 4PM to avoid a long line at the opening and to help ease the stress of the sale for everyone. The numbered ticket you receive will give you 1st dibs on anything corresponding to your number. Those that get a number higher than 100 will not have a chance at a button set unless someone that did get 1-100 passes. Those with numbers 200-250 are not guaranteed an individual screen print, but will get one of the folio sets being offered guaranteed. Odds are not everyone will pickup each edition, and thus the love will be spread. There is a strict limit of one per person on each edition, no matter the circumstances. Horkey’s individual screen print will have ONE variant, but please note now you are only allowed to purchase one of them (no one is allowed to purchase both editions, this from Aaron himself).

The opening reception then takes place from 6 to 9PM with all artists in attendance.

To help with the worry and wait of those with a number lower than yours, passing over an edition to open it up for someone with a later number, we feel that come 7PM during the opening reception, we will open up all editions for sale. If you received a number that morning, I would think it a good plan to come to the 1st window of sales or arrive 1st thing to the opening at 6PM. So, come 7PM, ALL editions will go wide for open sale. We are not calling numbers or such, so no need to worry about missing out, but after 7PM the tickets become null and void.

We went over many different scenarios and at the end of the day, this is the one we all agreed on and has been approved and given the thumbs up by all three artists and those that work closely with them. We hope this works for everyone, we know we will never be able to make everyone happy, but please know we put a good bit of thought into this and all is now set.

None of the editions are being held back for later on-line offering. If any remain come the end of the exhibition, we will share details at that time. For now, the editions will only be available for in-person purchase at our gallery during the run of ‘The Gilded Age’ exhibition.

Thank you and we look forward to all seeing the works for the 1st time in person. Each artist has delivered in such a huge way, being pushed by one another to deliver simply incredible new bodies of work.

– The Thinkspace team

New Casey Weldon Print Coming Soon!

Casey Wheldon Print

We are releasing a new print by Casey Weldon of his fantastic painting ‘Bright Eyes’. The edition will be available this Friday, August 28th at 10AM PST through the Thinkspace Gallery print website. The original painting is from our recent ‘LAX / SFO’ show that we curated up in San Francisco with our good friends at Hashimoto Contemporary.

Casey Weldon
‘Bright Eyes’
Edition of 75
16×16 inches (40x40cm)
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper

Printed by Static Medium

Order now at

New Nosego Prints Available

Nosego Prints

The new Nosego prints, which were released during ‘Along Infinite River’, are now available through our new and improved print site. Please see below for details on the available prints.

That's Place Nosego
‘That Place’
Edition of 75
18×24 inches (46x61cm)
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper
All This Bliss Nosego
‘All This Bliss’
Edition of 75
16×16 inches (41x41cm)
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper