Photo Tour of Our Latest Exhibitions with Scott Listfield, McKenzie Fisk, and Sean Banister

A photo tour through Scott Listfield’s “This Is America,” McKenzie Fisk “Good Luck Don’t Die,” and Sean Banister “A Tourist at Home,” at Thinkspace Projects.

Online Schedule of Virtual Events:

Monday, June 1 at 4 pm pacific time we will share a link to the self-guided virtual tour of our new exhibitions on all of our social networks

Images provided by Birdman

New Kayla Mahaffey Edition Drops Tomorrow May 22nd

Excited to be able to offer you all this special print edition from Kayla Mahaffey. The original painting was featured in her sold out Deconstructed solo exhibition, that wraps up this weekend. This deluxe print edition is much larger than the original, measuring a whopping 24×24 inches (60×60 cm), with hand-deckled edges. It’s really a beautiful piece and we love how great of a job the gang at Static Medium did with the print. 

Looking forward to Kayla’s return coming up this September as part of our The New Vanguard III exhibition at the Museum of Art and History in Lancaster, California. We’ll be sharing more details on that soon.

Edition of 100
Fine art print on Signa Smooth 300gsm cotton rag paper with deckled edges
24×24 inches / 60×60 cm
Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Available this Friday, May 22 via our web store around 9 am PST

There are NO pre-orders of any kind. In-person pickups are not possible, all prints will be shipped. No special number requests. Shipping details will be shared to your PayPal account or e-mail (depending on how you pay). Thank you.

New PRINT EDITIONS coming this June
James Bullough | Scott Listfield | McKenzie Fisk | SUPER A | Kathy Ager

New PRINT EDITIONS coming soon
Giorgiko | Josh Keyes | Ermsy | Hilda Palafox (aka Poni) | Max Sansing | Sarah Joncas

Thank you for joining the virtual opening of Hilda Palafox’s ‘Cuando Baja Le Marea (When The Tide Comes Down)’ and Kayla Mahaffey’s ‘Deconstructed.’

Thank you to everyone that joined us on our Instagram for the “opening” of Hilda Palafox’s Cuando Baja Le Marea (When The Tide Comes Down) and Kayla Mahaffey’s Deconstructed.

Please look over the below collection of links to enjoy both exhibits via an array of tours and photographs, as well as links to view the complete bodies of new works from both artists and interviews with each as well.

We can’t thank you all enough for your support during these rather uncertain times. We feel that art is more important now than ever, giving our souls and psyches a much-needed escape and providing the fuel for our minds to wander.

We can’t wait to see you all in our gallery again soon. Until then, stay inspired and stay strong.

Click HERE to view Palafox’s new works

Click HERE to view Mahaffey’s new works

Click HERE to view a self-guided virtual tour of both exhibitions 

Click HERE to view a professionally shot video tour of both exhibitions 

Click HERE to view installation photographs of both exhibitions  

Click HERE to view a video of our studio visit with Palafox  

Click HERE to read our interview with Palafox 

Click HERE to read our interview with Mahaffey 

Online Schedule of Virtual Events: 

Tune in each Monday at 4 pm PST for ‘Magic Mondays’ with our good friend WORM and some of his fellow magicians, who will wow us all. We’ll give everyone a look at the exhibitions as well, and maybe give away some stuff… you won’t know unless you join us. 

 Tune in each Friday around 6 pm PST for our ‘Thinkspace Happy Hour’. Join us as we go live on our Instagram with Mr. NumberOnederful spinning tunes and share some good vibes and enjoy a wine or three with us as we tour our space. 

Photo Tour of Our Latest Exhibition with Hilda Palafox (aka Poni) and Kayla Mahaffey

A photo tour through Hilda Palafox’s (aka Poni) “Cuando Baje La Marea” and Kayla Mahaffey’s “Deconstructed” at Thinkspace Projects.

Online Schedule of Virtual Events:

Monday, May 4 at 2PM pacific time we will share a link to our self-guided virtual tour of both exhibitions on all of our social networks

Monday, May 4 at 4PM pacific time we will debut ‘Magic Mondays’ with our close friend @wormtv who will wow us all with his slight of hand magic.

Photos courtesy @birdmanphotos