Michael Reeder featured in the latest issue of The-Art-Form

We’re excited to share the latest issue, Issue 04, of The-Art-Form has a 14-page feature on Thinkspace family member Michael Reeder. You can pick up the issues via their online shop at http://www.the-art-form.com/.

Recognition of our 15 year Anniversary in the Spring 2020 Issue of JUXTAPOZ

Honored to be included in the Spring 2020 issue of JUXTAPOZ magazine (issue no. 213) in recognition of our 15 year anniversary.

Our curator and co-owner Andrew Hosner was interviewed by JUXTAPOZ editor Evan Pricco for a 3-page feature discussing our vision, the LA scene and plans for the future.

Big thanks to Evan and the entire JUXTAPOZ family for always supporting us and being down to collaborate on various projects together over the years. Looking forward to many more years working together.

“Fifteen years in the art works is like an eternity. Movements, scenes, the Next Big Thing, they come and go, not so much like pop sensations in the larger cultural world, but propelled by the unparalleled fluctuating beast that is the art market. That Thinkspace Projects has fostered something rare in the art world since 2005, supporting artists through traditional exhibitions, sales, fairs, museum shows and festivals, as well as fully participating in the culture, is pretty exceptional. They have engaged with street art, New Contemporary and Pop Surrealism, and not idly standing by, waiting for the culture to come to them.” – JUXTAPOZ

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LA Times Daily Pilot features ‘Instruments of Change’

The LA Time Daily Pilot features ‘Instruments of Change’ in a piece titled ‘Instruments of Change’ brings Latin American street art to O.C.‘. Thinkspace Project owner Andrew Hosner and the Fullerton Museum Center’s curator Kelly Chidester are interviewed in the piece and give an in-depth look at the collaboration and process involved to open the exhibition. The article also shares insights into the various talented artist whose work is featured in ‘Instruments of Change’.

Read the complete piece here.

“There are incredible artists from other regions of South America that we tried to get, but timing didn’t work out,” says Hosner. “So I definitely hope this is the first of many ‘Instruments of Change’ shows.”

Andrew Hosner, ‘Instruments of Change’ brings Latin American street art to O.C. – LA Times Daily Pilot