Kayla Mahaffey’s ‘Remember the Time’ featured in Colossal

Thank you to our friends over at Colossal for featuring Kayla Mahaffey’s Remember the Time in an online piece ahead of the opening. Remember the Time is now on view until October 9th.

Surrounding Black children with jumbled masses of cartoon characters, doodles, and explosions of color, Chicago-based artist Kayla Mahaffey (previously) imagines adolescent daydreams and an array of playtime inventions. She infuses her acrylic paintings with a longing for carefree summer days, mornings spent watching the foibles of favorite animated characters, and hours left open for adventure, capturing feelings of joy and curiosity.

Evoking Childhood Nostalgia, Color and Cartoon Commotion Burst from Kayla Mahaffey’s Paintings / Colossal

Andrew Hosner kicks off Moniker Curators of Culture Podcast

Andrew Hosner kicks off Moniker’s new podcast series Curators of Culture.

Andrew Hosner is the co-owner and curator of the Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles. Equally influencer and generator of inputs, he is regarded as one the most important authorities in all things new contemporary and urban art. Moniker’s Tina Ziegler sits down with Andrew to talk about the role of the curator, how Thinkspace gallery discovers new talent and works to profile and support artists.

Moniker Art Fair

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Andrew Hosner & Thinkspace Projects gets a shout out in SHOUT OUT LA

Thinkspace Projects curator and co-owner Andrew Hosner was interviewed by Shout Out LA to highlight the growth and community the gallery has developed over the last 15 years. He also shared a pretty solid way to spend a day in the wide and expansive LA ( actually more like a three-day weekend with minimal traffic), click here to read the full piece.

“Over the years we have learned so many things, but we always circle back to our community that we’ve built and what we’ve learned from them. Collaboration and appreciation can go so very far, especially when embraced by both parties. We’re looking forward to the decade ahead in our new space and continuing to push the envelope and do all that we can to make the artists we strive to support household names in the art world.”

Shout Out LA – “Meet Andrew Hosner | Co-Owner and curator of Thinkspace Projects”

Beautiful Bizarre Covers Jack Shure & Reen Barrera Exhibitions at Thinkspace Projects

Thank you to our friends at Beautiful Bizarre for featuring Jack Shure’s ‘Soul Sanitizer‘ and Reen Barrera’s ‘Cluster Fudge‘ on their site this past week ahead of the opening reception. Both exhibitions are on view now through June 26th.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and let your imagination drift into the creative composition of two distinct artists and their visual imaginings. This weekend, Thinkspace Projects proudly celebrates the opening of Jack Shure, Soul Sanitizer and Reen Barrera, Cluster Fudge. Immerse yourself in these spectacular new bodies of work and let it pique all your artistic senses.

“Jack Shure & Reen Barrera @ Thinkspace Projects”, Beautiful Bizarre

A feast for the eyes & belly, ‘POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaii to the World’ makes 10 Best List from USA Today

“POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaii to the World” co-curated by Jasper Wong and Andrew Hosner received a shout-out alongside some of Kaka’ako’s most delicious places to eat. Enjoy a feast for your eyes and belly in this pocket of Oahu.

If you can’t get enough of the Pow Wow artwork, you’re in luck! Visit the island’s Bishop Museum to see the new exhibit, “POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaii to the World” (May 2021 – September 2021). It celebrates the noteworthy art and the many artists who have contributed over the years.

“This hip neighborhood has one of the best food scenes in Hawaii,” 10best.com