Juxtapoz feature Fumi Nakamura’s upcoming exhibition ‘Look Toward the Future, But Not So Far As to Miss Today’

Thank you to our friends over at Juxtapoz for featuring Fumi Nakamura’s upcoming exhibition ‘Look Towards the Future, But Not So Far As to Miss Today’, opening Saturday, March 6th. Please visit the Juxtapoz website for the full piece, and schedule your visit to the gallery to see intricate pieces in person here.

Like the Samurai, Nakamura employs a terrible beauty in her gouache, graphite and colored pencil renderings. Furry animals curl up and caress, their pearly whites sprouting into fangs. Blossoms and leaves tickle in sensuous suffocation, while fragile faces confront skeletal ancestors. The Japanese born artist summons an almost ancestral understanding of detail and nuance paying homage to the floral art of ikebana, where line, form and shape are elevated in her colorful works

– Juxpapoz.com / Look Toward the Future, But Not So Far As to Miss Today: Fumi Nakamura @ Thinkspace Projects

Roby Dwi Antono’s ‘Epos’ Featured on Juxtapoz.com

Thank you to our friends at Juxtapoz for writing a thoughtful feature on Roby Dwi Antono whose exhibition “Epos’ opens tomorrow, Saturday, February 6th. Please visit the Juxtapoz website for the full piece, and schedule your visit to the gallery to see his surrealist work in person here.

When Indonesian artist Roby Dwi Antono titled his latest exhibition EPOS  at Thinkspace, he could easily have been referring to the history of surrealism. Derived from the Bahasa language, Epos, “an epic poem, or epope, is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily involving a time beyond living memory in which occurred the extraordinary doings of the extraordinary men and women who, in dealings with the gods or other superhuman forces, gave shape to the mortal universe for their descendants, the poet and his audience, to understand themselves as a people or nation.” 

Juxtapoz.com | Roby Dwi Antono is the Talk of the Town in “Epos” @ Thinkspace Projects

Edith Lebeau’s ‘Certain Scars Can’t Be Seen’ Featured on Juxtapoz

Thank you to our friends at Juxtapoz for writing an eloquent feature on Edith Lebeau whose exhibition “Certain Scars Can’t Be Seen‘ opens tomorrow, Saturday, February 6th. Please visit the Juxtapoz website for the full piece, and schedule your visit to the gallery to see her moving work in person here.

Who hasn’t put on a brave face, who hasn’t failed at the effort, and who hasn’t simply shrugged attempting a sunny or steely-eyed facade?  Sometimes it would just help to somehow define that feeling, but the words don’t emerge. \So often, there’s comfort in knowing another person is feeling the same way.  With her mantra, “Empathy is always the key.  Don’t judge, listen”, artist Edith Lebeau is here to offer not only the comfort of connection, but insight into recognizing the needs of others.

– Juxtapoz.com | Certain Scars Can’t Be Seen: Edith Lebeau @ Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles

Andrew Hosner kicking off the new season of Radio Jux

Press play over on the Juxtapoz website or your favorite podcast streaming service to enjoy the first episode of Radio Jux’s new season interviewing Thinkspace Projects co-owner and curator, Andrew Hosner.

In what turns out to be an intense conversation, we speak to Hosner about the evolution of LA’s art scene, what made it so special in the early 00’s and how to build community in such a competitive landscape. We talk about the gallery’s stance during last summer’s activist renaissance, as well as proactive steps the art world can take to build a more inclusive future. He also offers experienced advice for creatives and collectors regarding decisions for a sustained career, along with his hope that Thinkspace can be a helpful bridge to those who choose the artistic path.


Love for “Aloha, Mr. Hand” from Juxtapoz

Thank you to Juxtapoz for the long time support and recent feature of our inaugural exhibition Aloha, Mr.Hand. Below are just a few quotes from the coverage of our first exhibition of 2021. Visit Juxtapoz.com for the full piece.

If ever were there a gallery who would kick off their new space with a massive, unique and eclectic look at New Contemporary art, it would be our friends at Thinkspace Projects.

– Juxtapoz.com | 01/07/2021

With the incredible struggles that their home county of Los Angeles have gone through over the past three months with COVID surgues, and even though this show is for scheduled visitation-only, we are so proud to see them grow in such difficult times. 

– Juxtapoz.com | 01/07/2021