Ken Nwadiogbu interviewed by art collective LEAGUEOTO

Art collective LEAGUEOTO recently interviewed artist Ken Nwadiogbu with rapid-fire questions that give us the opportunity to know more about this talented painter. Nwadiogbu will be having his first solo exhibition with us early next year in March of 2021.

Please visit the LEABUEOTO website here for the full interview.

Where does your inspiration come from?

When I began practicing art, my inspiration came from issues relating to my peers and those around me. Now, I am inspired by recent happenings in the news and issues relating to Black people. The philosophy that drives my work is simple, I want to inspire and create change everywhere that my work is presented. I don’t just want to make works for the sake for it, if you look closely at each piece, I am always trying to say something. From issues relating to profiling and brutality, to issues relating to African migration and bad government. | 11/6/2020

VantagePoint Podcast: Kaili Smith

Want to know more about Kaili Smith? The artist behind October’s exhibition, A Utopia Where The Problems Are Not Fixed.

Then check out his episode of VantagePoint,  a monthly podcast hosted by James ‘JB’ Bullough and Tom Auto64, via your favorite podcast player or the link below.

“Born in the Netherlands, raised in Australia, and educated in New York City, the diverse backstory of Kaili Smith parallels the diversity of the work he makes.  He first entered the VantagePoint radar a few years ago when his large narrative paintings of urban youth began popping up all over social media.  The work had a strength and confidence about it and brilliantly straddled the space between contemporary and classical painting.  Upon further investigation however, one quickly realizes that painting is just one aspect of this multifaceted and accomplished artist.  At the ripe age of just 25 he has experience in writing and directing films, installation art, oil painting, performance art, graffiti, photography, acting, and documentary films.  The future is bright for Mr. Smith and it was a pleasure to sit down with him for a transcontinental interview coinciding with the opening of his current solo show “A Utopia Where The Problems Art Not Fixed” at Thinkspace Gallery in LA.” – Episode 120

Kaili Smith featured on

Thank you to Juxtapoz for featuring Kaili Smith on their website for his exhibition, ‘A Utopia Where Problems Are Not Fixed,’ which is now on view through November 7th at our space in Culver City.

What is fascinating about this young artist’s works are the stories of youth culture and how Smith balances an almost Baroque style to contemporary urban settings.

– Juxtapoz, ‘A Utopia Where The Problems Are Not Fixed: Kaili Smith @ Thinkspace Projects’

View available works from Kaili Smith on our gallery website here.

‘New Vanguard III’ featured in LA Weekly

Thank you to LA Weekly for the kind words and featuring the upcoming exhibition ‘The New Vanguard III‘ at MOAH Lancaster in their piece on by-appointment viewing.

“For many years now, L.A.’s Thinkspace Gallery has operated at this intersection across exhibitions, institutions, installations, conventions, and festivals. Likewise, for the past few years, the Lancaster Museum of Art and History has embraced the vibrant, popular appeal of mural-based works and through collaborating with the global phenom of the POW!WOW! mural festivals, brought exciting public art to the Antelope Valley” – LA Weekly

Max Sansing’s ‘Lost & Found’ featured on Colossal

We’re excited to see Max Sansing’s exhibition “Lost & Found” featured on art and culture site Colossal. Please click here to read ‘Rooted in Chicago’s Culture, Technicolor Paintings by Artist Max Sansing Explore Revelation‘ on the Colossal site.