Cheech Marin led tour at LACMA…

Last weekend we headed down to LACMA for a special event put on by the MOCA Contemporaries where Cheech Marin led us through his special exhibit Los Angelenos/Chicano Painters of L.A.: Selections from the Cheech Marin Collection

The Cheech Marin collection is notable for classic examples of Chicano art produced from the inception of the Chicano movement to the present, with a concentration in painting from the 1980s and 90s. This exhibition includes a number of widely exhibited works by such first-generation Chicano artists as Carlos Almaraz, Margaret Garcia, Gilbert “Magu” Luján, Frank Romero, John Valadez, and Patssi Valdez, as well as works by such younger artists as Vincent Valdez and David Flury

Cheech’s passion for the work on display was contagious. We walked away from this special talk/tour inspired and amped up for the week ahead. His collection is just amazing and the way he has used his celebrity to help the careers of several artists and a scene/movement as a whole is something many in Hollyweird should learn from…
Shown below, Cheech in front of Vincent Valdez’ work – by far one of the most amazing works in the exhibit.

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