December 1, 2018 – December 29, 2018

Concurrently on view in the Thinkspace project room are new works by San Diego-based painter, muralist, and sculptor Christopher Konecki in Size Matters, the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. A self-taught artist, Konecki continually experiments with new materials and techniques, creating mixed media sculpture, site-specific murals, and installation works, inspired by his observations of the built environment and the human interactions that animate it.

Interested in the relationship between people, technology, and communication, Konecki considers how we inhabit our environments, for better or for worse, with varying degrees of play and irreverence. Often working with reclaimed or found objects and materials, Konecki enjoys the process of resurrecting the castaway and recalibrating an object’s perceived worth or value by giving it a second lifespan. Opposing elements from the natural and urban worlds coexist in crisp conglomerates and hybrid structures in Konecki’s works. These artificial harmonies struck from the raw material of urban chaos, draw our attention to the universal experience of constantly arbitrating the city’s tensions.

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