Cinta Vidal Featured on The Creators Project

Cinta Vidal Creator Project

The Creators Project features the work of Spanish artist Cinta Vidal who has a two fresh murals in Long Beach. She has one new piece for “Vitality & Verve: In The Third Dimension” inside the Long Beach Museum of Art, and her second will need to be found by exploring Pow! Wow! Long Beach’s new passport. To enjoy more work by Cinta Vidal please join us for the opening of her upcoming exhibition this Saturday, July 23rd at Thinkspace Gallery.  In the meantime check out the full write up about Cinta on The Creator Projects’ website.

Each scene is rendered with architectural precision, drawing the eye to delve deeply into one corner of the work. When the time comes to connect these details to the rest of a scene, however, a viewer can be left head-scratching. – The Creators Project

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