CommandaX interviews Imminent Disaster…

Below is a lil’ excerpt of the intro to the in-depth interview just posted by our good friend CommandaX over at her blog Erratic Phenomena with NY based artist Imminent Disaster (now showing in our project room as part of ‘From the Streets of Brooklyn’):

Disaster’s graceful, flowing work combines the concept of impermanence, disintegration and the cruelty of time with political themes about power, poverty and the position of women in society. “For some reason I’ve always been drawn to a macabre and cynical view of the world,” she admits. Yet her work, despite its gravity, isn’t depressing. Rather, it has a haunting, ethereal quality that’s quite rare in street art.

Many of Disaster’s pieces are inspired by the sort of history recounted in books like Luc Sante’s Low Life, a fascinating exploration of New York’s underbelly between 1840 and 1920, but she also blends in Latin influences gathered during her extensive travels in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. “I am really fascinated by the whole South American continent and want to continue to get to know it better,” she explained in an interview with NY Art Beat. “There’s a certain authenticity in their lifestyle that I think our culture has lost in its quest for commodities.”

Read the full Erratic Phenomena interview with Disaster here. We highly recommend checking it out if you’ve a bit of time to kill as it provides some great insight into Disaster’s highly-detailed and thought provoking work.

Be sure to make it out to check out her installation in our project room before it comes down on February 6th. Check out pics here, just in case you can’t make it. Also, get stoked, as we sure the hell are… Disaster will be back in March 2010 in a 2-person show alongside ARMSROCK. More on that soon, as we are still in the midst of one of the coolest installs to ever grace our gallery, so be sure to swing through if you get the chance. View works from the show here.

Keep up with Disaster here.

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