Crazy 4 Cult this Friday… sneak peeks

The 2nd installment of Crazy 4 Cult hits Gallery 1988 this Friday and we’re stoked to bring you sneak peeks from a couple Thinkspace regulars taking part in the show.

Above is Anthony Clarkson‘s killer take on the Wizard of Oz and below is Camilla d’Errico‘s Donny Darko inspired piece. Coincidentally enough, Anthony’s other piece for the show is also based on Donny Darko. Great minds think alike as they say…

Look for a solo with Clarkson next February in our project room and two person show with Camilla (alongside Caia Koopman) in late summer… can’t wait for both shows!
Also look for works from Thinkspace regulars Andrew Hem, Brandi Milne, Cherri Wood, Dave MacDowell, Lesley Reppeteaux, Sarah Joncas and many others when Crazy 4 Cult opens this Friday… be sure to get there early!

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