Dabs and Myla get up again with Craola in downtown LA

Dabs and Myla with Craola in downtown LA (pic courtesy of Daily Dujour)

Dabs and Myla recently teamed up with Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins in downtown LA for the LA Free Walls Project presented by Jetset Graffiti. The new mural is near the corner of 7th & Mateo (right near ROA’s recent possum piece) and came out just stunning. Featuring brush work as well as can work from both, the new mural screams to be viewed in person.

Check out more pics from the painting session and some close ups of their mural here:

Also be sure to check out Dailydujour’s awesome coverage here:

Keep up with the duo here: www.dabsmyla.com

Coming August 2011
Solo in the main gallery of Thinkspace in Culver City. Crikey!

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