Dabs Myla at it again in downtown Los Angeles…

'Only Time Will Tell' mural with Dabs Myla (Australia), Askew and Deus (New Zealand), Vans (Australia), Skore (Germany), Rime, Revok and Witness

Australian duo Dabs Myla are at it again. After rocking the Long Live The Yellow Fin’ mural alongside Craola recently, they hooked up with Askew and Deus (New Zealand), Vans (Australia), Skore (Germany), Rime, Revok, and Witness for a really interesting concept wall in downtown Los Angeles.

Askew had the idea to paint a wall based on the phrase “Only Time Will Tell” with the running theme of the 4 seasons along the wall in order, with each season teamed with each word.

VANS / RIME/ WITNES: Winter, with VANS on letter detail painting the phrase “ONLY”
DABS / MYLA / SCORE: Spring, With SCORE on letter detail painting “TIME”
REVOK / RIME: Summer, REVOK on letter/background detail painting “WILL”
ASKEW / DEUS: Fall, ASKEW on letter detail painting “TELL”

The wall took two long days and nights to complete and came out super strong. Check out more pics of the wall coming to life here: www.flickr.com/photos/thinkspace/sets/72157625677136794/

Keep up with Dabs Myla at www.dabsmyla.com

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