Dabs Myla in Miami for ‘Primary Flight’

The Aussie duo of Dabs and Myla headed down to Miami, FL last week during Art Basel to take part in the annual ‘Primary Flight’ mural showcase that takes place in the Wynwood Arts District. The duo just don’t let up and never fail to impress. Their ‘Royal Love’ mural above is filled with goodness.

View the works featured in their recent ‘Tokyo Deluxe’ show and all currently available works here:

Look for the duo to be attacking the walls of Los Angeles again in the coming weeks. Coming up in 2011 we’ll be bringing ’em along with us to Portland in March (more details on that soon) and they’ll be tackling our main gallery in August… not to mention a slew of murals along the way. No sleep!

Keep up with the tag team duo from down under here:

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