Dabs Myla invade San Diego with Persue and Rime

The San Diego wall from Dabs Myla, Persue and Rime

Australian duo Dabs Myla are on a roll as they continue their non-stop assault on the States. In the past couple weeks they’ve gone down to San Diego to do a mural with Persue and Rime, debuted their new ‘Canman’ at ComiCon, painted the offices of Rover 4G Internet, and also did a nice mural here in LA with Rime, Revok, and Askew. The duo are currently planning more walls around LA as they finish up their works for ‘Tokyo Deluxe’, their special showing this September in Thinkspace‘s project room.

The San Diego wall from Dabs Myla, Persue and Rime coming to life

Some pics below from the San Diego ComiCon of the duo’s ‘Canman‘ on display – look for these to drop soon.

Dabs Myla's 'Canman' - look for them as part of the 1st series also featuring Craola, Pose and Revok
'The Canmans' on display on Toynami's booth at ComiCon

Check out Vinyl Pulse for some add’l pics from Toynami‘s booth at ComiCon:

Myla at work laying out the letters for the San Diego mural with Persue and Rime

Check out a video that Askew put together of his wall with Dabs Myla, Rime and Revok below.

Get ready for ‘Tokyo Deluxe’ this September at Thinkspacemore details announced soon!

Close-up of the San Diego mural from Dabs Myla, Persue and Rime

Try to keep up with these two over at their site: www.dabsmyla.com

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