Daily Dujour visit the studio of Dabs Myla

“Hell bent on asserting their mastery of the site specific installation, they are upping their game by mixing painted wall scenes with the painted cutouts including multi-layered elements as well as two-sided hanging pieces. One question that is often asked of artists is ‘how do you know when you’re done’ ? With respect to installation work, Dabs Myla’s answer is simple – work right up to the very last minute making as much as is humanly possible. That dedication sets them and their whimsical installations apart.” – DailyDujour.com

Check out pics from Daily Dujour’s studio visit with the duo here:

We just updated our ‘Sneak Peek’ preview set for the show on our Flickr too:

Dabs Myla ‘Tokyo Deluxe’ THIS FRIDAY @ Thinkspace in our project room

Total visual overload awaits in our project room this Friday with a dozen new paintings and well over 60 installation elements coming out of the walls, hanging from the ceilings and from 3D letters on the walls… not to mention a wrap around wall mural under it all.

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