Damon Soule in NYC / debut LA solo upcoming in ’10…

Portland resident and New York City native Damon Soule will be having his 1st NYC solo show this coming Saturday at the Joshua Liner Gallery (formerly Lineage Gallery in Philadelphia). We so wish we could be there to check out his new works, as he has just hit it out of the park in so many ways.

Damon Soule
Amused Loon
October 11 – November 15, 2008 @ Joshua Liner (NYC)

To check out all the works in his NYC solo show, check out the below link:

Check out an interview FecalFace.com just did with Soule here:

And stay up to date with Soule via his amazing blog at:

OH… and get ready for Soule’s debut LA solo show with us (thinkspace) come spring 2010. So excited for this… going to be tough to wait, but with the 2009 we’ve got lined up, it will be a fun ride as we go into 2010. In the meantime, keep an eye out for another collaborative book project from Soule with Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, and others (the same collective of artists that brought you ‘Convergence’ and ‘4’).

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