Dan Witz to open solo shows in both NYC and the UK this weekend…

Legendary Brooklyn, NY based street artist Dan Witz is preparing to shake things up as he opens simultaneous solo shows this weekend in NYC and the UK. We’ve been lucky enough to view both shows already and he’s certainly taken things up another notch with this show. His use of lighting and shadows… so many times you’d swear it was a photograph before even considering it was a painting. Both shows are just stunning and if anyone is lucky enough to be in either metropolis this weekend, do not miss your chance to view his works in person.

View images of the full NYC show @ DFN Gallery here: http://dfngallery.com/exhibitions/dan_witz_102508.htm

Check out more about the UK show @ Stolen Space here: http://www.stolenspace.com/section.php?xSec=170

Dan Witz 1st book ‘Dan Witz In Plain View. 30 Years of Artworks Illegal and Otherwise’ Will be be published by Gingko Press December ’08. So can’t wait for that!

For a sneak peak of the book, click here: http://www.danwitzstreetart.com/book/1.html

Look for Witz to take part in our upcoming “From the Streets of Brooklyn” group show curated by Ad Hoc Art coming up this January.

For more on Dan Witz, check out his site at: http://www.danwitzstreetart.com/

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