DAVID CHOE returns to LA – this Friday!

David Choe
‘Nothing to Declare’

Public Opening: THIS Friday, April 23rd

Lazarides LA
320 North Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210

David Choe’s statement for ‘Nothing To Declare’:
I am a typical artist, so I’m definitely my own worst enemy, my irritable bowel syndrome being a close second, I self destruct constantly, I suicide bomb my own shit weekly, and destroy everything that is good and pure in my life.

I love and hate LA. I was born and raised here, this is the city where I first fought, fucked , farted, and rioted. I fucking love the shit out of this city and I hate it with all my heart. This is the city that never gave me an art show so I had to exhibit at an ice cream parlor. I want to burn this city to the ground. This is the city that came out in hundreds to see my movie premiere and made my parents proud. I want to face fuck this city. Either way It’s been way too long Los Angeles, and I’m sorry I had to leave in the first place, but you were really annoying the shit out of me, but I forgive you , I’m sorry I left you when you needed me most, ive seen these horrible atrocious art shows you’ve been subject to, I seen these wacked out gimmicky douchey group shows and art walks you been sexually and mentally harassed by , and I’m here to tell you, I’m coming soon, and maybe you’ll appreciate me and not take me for granted this time . Let’s make the dysfunction work for us, ok ? I promise to try harder if you try harder. It’s been 6 long years since my last show here when you fucked me and I left you. in that time I seen things, I’ve heard things, I’ve felt things I’ve never felt before, I been hitchikng all over the globe , I been to Japanese jails, African jungles, Chinese torture chambers, the whitehouse, and to all 7 levels of hell and Back . (This Friday) I will have my first solo art show in BEVERLY HILLS with Lazarides. I will take all my love all my hate all my pain all my rage, all my suffering and all my skills and experience ive collected over the years everything I’ve learned in every medium from watercolors to oils to spraypaint I’m gonna express everything I feel about this city and what it is to live and die and be born again in the city of angels…. Los Angeles I’m coming home and when I come this time, I’m gonna come harder than I ever have before.

– Daivd Choe (koreatown, los angeles – MARCH 2010)

Look for Choe everywhere in the coming weeks… he’s the cover star of the new issue of Juxtapoz (with the whole issue actually devoted to him, with five different covers to collect), his new book ‘Monograph’ is coming out soon via Chronicle Books, his movie ‘Dirty Hands’ will be playing LA again next weekend and also dropping soon on DVD, he’s got a new series of toys coming out soon based on his Munko character, new limited shirts from The Hundreds, a couple of different print editions dropping soon and I’m sure I’m missing something. 2010 is indeed the year of Choe.


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