Thinkspace Family member and Moniker International Art Fair featured artist David Cooley was recently interviewed by arts and culture website PROHBTD. The interview dives into Cooley’s creative processes intersection with meditation and self-discovery.  Visit the PROHBTD website for the full interview.

Has anyone come to a show and talked to you about your art while clearly tripping on shrooms or acid?

I’ve shown work at a couple music festivals years ago, so I’m sure it’s happened, but honestly I can’t really think of a time when that’s happened at a show. One time I was in a bar, and this guy was clearly tripping pretty hard on acid. While we were talking, the topic of art came up so I showed some photos of my work on my phone. He was genuinely super excited about my work, and he just kept hugging and thanking me. It actually felt pretty good to share my work with someone in that state and have them react like that.

Make sure to keep your eye out for Cooley’s latest body of work showing at Moniker International Art Fair, October 5th – 8th in London. To view all available work from David Cooley please visit the Thinkspace Gallery’s website.

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