David MacDowell sneak peek at ‘Monsters of Pop’…

David MacDowell "Riddin' The Zeppelin"
David MacDowell "Riddin' The Zeppelin"

David MacDowell is at it again. After creating his take on Robert Williams‘ classic ‘Appetite For Destruction’ for last month’s ‘Crazy4Cult 3D’ at Gallery 1988 he has delivered another mind bender.

This time MacDowell offers his take on Mark Ryden‘s classic ‘Allegory of the Four Elements’ from his monumental ‘Tree Show’ exhibition with the lads from Led Zeppelin taking the place of Ryden’s signature waifs. Dig into this one and you too will be convinced as I am that Mr. MacDowell is truly insane. Gotta love him!

‘Monsters of Pop’ features MacDowell positioned alongside the likes of Netherland, Brandon Bird and Kiersten Essenpreis and opens @ Gallery 1988 on Tue, Aug. 11th. More on this show soon…

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