Digital preview for ‘Impetus’ – Thinkspace at the University of AZ

'Impetus' - main gallery view at the University of Arizona's Joseph Gross Gallery

Thinkspace at the University of Arizona’s Joseph Gross Gallery


Opening Reception: Thurs, Sept. 8th 5-6:30PM

The Joseph Gross Gallery at the University of Arizona
1031 N. Olive Road, Tucson, AZ 85721

Take a sneak peek here:

DABS MYLA's mural for 'Impetus' at the University of Arizona

Featuring new works from:
Kelly Allen
Brett Amory
Seth Armstrong
Ana Bagayan
David Bray
Liz Brizzi
Catherine Brooks
Adam Caldwell
David Cooley
Jacub Gagnon
Duncan Jago
Timothy Karpinski
Jen Lobo
David MacDowell
Pedro Matos
Tran Nguyen
Kevin Peterson
Jeff Ramirez
Allison Sommers
Linnea Strid
Jason Thielke
Yosuke Ueno
Kelly Vivanco

PLUS a special mural installation by DABS MYLA

Ana Bagayan 'Mire' - oil on wood panel - 24x17" / 61x43cm (2011)

View the works in ‘Impetus‘ via our digital preview here:

If you see a piece you would like to purchase or have a question on any of the works, please shoot a mail to and we will get right back to you.

HOW and NOSM 'Lost Control' - aerosol, acrylic, india ink and collage on canvas - 36x48" / 91x122cm (2011)

Impetus (‘impɪtəs)
-n, pl-tuses
1. an impelling movement or force; incentive or impulse; stimulus
2. the force that sets a body in motion or that tends to resist changes in a body’s motion

Thinkspace is honored to have the chance to showcase our resident artists to the student body and faculty of the University of Arizona along with the residents of Tucson as a whole. With ‘Impetus’ we aim to shed light on the burgeoning New Contemporary Art Movement that was birthed in Los Angeles and continues to spread out the world over, gaining momentum and winning over new devotees at an astounding rate. With roots firmly planted in illustration, pop culture imagery, comics, street art and graffiti, put quite simply the New Contemporary Art Movement is art for the people.

Jacub Gagnon 'No Preservations' - acrylic on canvas - 36x24" / 91x61cm (2011)

Information on the gallery/university:
The Joseph Gross Gallery, located on the campus of The University of Arizona across from The University of Arizona Museum of Art, was built in 1993 as part of the new Arts Complex for the College of Fine Arts. The Gallery was originally established in 1978 with a generous endowment from Joseph F. Gross, Professor of Chemical Engineering, in memory of his father, Joseph Gross, Sr. The Joseph Gross Gallery strives to include diverse audiences, diverse contexts, media, conceptual content, and an interest in new technologies and ways of seeing and art making. The 2,500 square foot gallery space provides a showplace for the work of students, faculty, and those artists whose work can both impact and interact with the University and community. The Gallery presents approximately eight exhibitions annually including solo and group exhibitions by nationally acclaimed artists, faculty and alumni shows, and MFA Thesis Exhibitions.

Yosuke Ueno 'Amulet Seven' - acrylic on canvas - 51x62.75" / 130x159cm (2011)

On view: Sept. 6th – Nov. 9th, 2011

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