Do not miss this Friday’s show…

Zach Johnsen and Lesley Reppeteaux are both in town and just going to town inside the gallery. Above is just a portion of Zach Johnsen’s sprawling new installation that takes up our entire project room. Over 40 hand-cut figures make up the install. There are also 8 new mixed-media works on paper in Johnsen’ exhibit.

Lesley is doing a huge mural in our front room, and a nice lil’ install in our main gallery. There are 22 paintings in “Tumbling”, all hung in order telling the story of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone.

Alongside Zach’s new pieces and install in our project room, we are also super stoked to be showing 8 new works from Scotland’s Paul Barnes on our salon wall.

All together, front to back, this is a super strong show, and we hope you can make it out. If not, please check out the works below, as well as in-progress and behind the scenes shots on our Flickr.

Opening Reception: This Fri, Sept. 12th 7-11PM

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