Don’t miss Tiffany Bozic’s new show…

Don’t miss SF based artist Tiffany Bozic‘s latest solo show “Bedtime Stories” at Kinsey/DesForges over in Culver City. The gem above, “Namibia”, is the latest piece to join the Hosner Art Collection. There were only a couple of paintings left last I saw. She just gets tighter and tighter with each show. The show is up through June 28th, so be sure to swing on over to Culver City.

In this latest series, Bozic applies her trademark stains of acrylic washes to the natural grain of maple panel to render resonant stories based on observations in her travels and research while an artist in residence at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, where she helped establish their new Artist in Residence Program and exhibited in 2007.

Some really great shows are on view over in Culver City right now including Murakami at Blum&Poe, Joshua Krause at Cerasoli Gallery, and many more plus Scion has a new one opening this Saturday too… so more than enough reasons to head out to CC (assuming you didn’t swim up stream with the masses last weekend when it was ‘hip’ to be there).

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