Ekundayo + Brett Amory featured in new issue of Juxtapoz / press overview for current exhibitions

Ekundayo 'Profile' feature in the new issue of Juxtapoz (Os Gemeos on cover / hitting news stands next week)

EKUNDAYO press recap:

“Ekundayo’s work illustrates the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of fulfillment, while simultaneously questioning the actions taken to attain it.” – Juxtapoz.com

“The new work for this show is some of Ekundayo’s best yet. The pieces are quite varied — some are frenetic while others have a much more sublime feel.” – Dailydujour.com

“His distinctive and grotesque work reflects on the struggles and adversities of life as well as the joys and lessons that can come from fighting through the difficult times.” – ArrestedMotion.com

“The work is phenomenal.” – Art Nouveau Magazine

Juxtapoz.com interview with Ekundayo:

Arrested Motion studio visit with Ekundayo:

Dailydujour install visit / show preview:

Juxtapoz.com show preview:

Hi-Fructose show preview:

Known Gallery show preview:

Graphotism show preview:

Art Nouveau show pics / review:

p0pnz interview with Ekundayo:
Part 1 – http://p0pnz.blogspot.com/2010/06/janky-tv-ekundayo-interview-part-one.html
Part 2 – http://p0pnz.blogspot.com/2010/06/janky-tv-ekundayo-interview-part-2.html

Juxtapoz.com opening night pics:

Brett Amory 'Profile' feature in new issue of Juxtapoz (Os Gemeos on cover / hitting news stands next week)

BRETT AMORY press recap:

“His style is both realistic and impressionistic, but most of all each painting is engrained deeply with feeling. That’s the magic of Amory’s work, it’s leaves you with a true sense of curiosity and wonder.” – Warholian.com

“In a culture where newborns are weened on iPhones and adderall, Brett Amory calls attention to our generation’s impatience epidemic. How often do you see a waiting line full of calm, contemplative individuals? Brett observes these uncomfortable pauses with camera in hand and oil on the brain. In his paintings, the environment strips away to reveal a lonely soul searching for the next distraction.” – Juxtapoz.com

“Waiting. At a bus stop, in a line, at the DMV, it’s a pretty tedious thing, thank goodness we’ve got our iphones, books, kindles, and mp3 players… Amory, oddly enough, finds beauty in this most tedious of chores. He captures the moment, washes out the background and focuses on the Now. His work finds beauty in the banal, serenity in the soporific.” – HiFructose.com

Warholian.com video interview with Brett Amory:

Arrested Motion interview with Brett Amory:

Juxtapoz.com interview with Brett Amory:

Juxtapoz.com video preview:

Juxtapoz.com studio visit with Brett Amory:

Hi-Fructose.com studio visit with Brett Amory:

The Klax video feature on Brett Amory:

Plus numerous show listings and calendar posts across the blogosphere. Both shows on view through July 2nd.

6009 Washington Blvd in the Culver City Arts District

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