Ekundayo in Hawaii this week at POW WOW / interviewed by Arrested Motion

Ekundayo is returning home to his homeland of Hawaii this week to take part in the annual POW WOW festival. This special event, which launched in Hong Kong last year, will feature live art and much more and is the brainchild of artist Jasper Wong. The event will also feature contributions from 123Klan, Jeff Hamada, Meggs, Will Barras, and Wu Yue along with local artists Jesico Serrano, Kamea Hadar, and Prime.

Check out full event details here: http://welovecampfires.com/powwow/

Check out Arrested Motion’s full interview with Ekundayo here:

Check out Arrested Motion’s coverage of his mural alongside Angry Woebots here:

View available works in our inventory from Ekundayo here and pictures of his recent solo show here.

*Above picture courtesy of Arrested Motion

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