Ekundayo & KMNDZ this past weekend with Robt. Williams…

KMNDZ did the logo and painted up the show room of GAS a couple years ago (aka Galpin Auto Sports in the San Fernando Valley where the show ‘Pimp My Ride’ is filmed)… this association led the Galpin family to invite Johnny to come on out and paint a mural during an event they had this past weekend. Johnny brought along Ekundayo and together the pair unleashed the above sick tribute to Rat Fink (measuring 8′ x 4′).

The event was a wild night that saw the boys hanging out and getting advice from Robert Williams (pictured above with the duo), Camp Freddy rockin’ the stage with Ozzy on vocals as they painted, and a bunch of very expensive cars on display including the debut of a couple new cars from car customizer to the stars George Barris.

Red Forest is up through Halloween… don’t miss your chance to view this amazing exhibit in person!

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