Ellis G. leaves his mark on Los Angeles…

Don’t sleep – these won’t last for long, so be sure to get on out and check out our block and the surrounding area before nature cleans Ellis G.‘s delicate chalk etchings away. His chalk work captures the shadows (both from the sun and from streetlights) of everyday street objects and their surrounding environment. Anything that casts a shadow is fair game for Ellis: benches (see above), bikes, fences, lightposts, and even full city blocks (most of our block has been outlined)…

Arrested Motion did a great write up on the installation he did around our gallery, check it out here. Some great shots from the area are also posted there (shot above courtesy of AM).

Check out a great interview with Ellis G. below from Friends We Love… great insight into how he approaches the streets…

View the below video “Life Of A Shadow” to see reactions to Ellis’ work and to get a lil’ background on what inspired Ellis G. to start this project:

To view more videos on Ellis G.’s work check out his MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ellis_gee

In addition to his chalk outlines of shadows at night, be sure to check out across the street from our gallery to see a whole array of his sunlight shadow outlines (see above)… just amazing. Very cool to try and get them to line up again… amazing to see how quickly the world really does turn when you have a reference point such as these.

Ellis G. will soon publish his first book ‘Adhesives’, the ultimate compendium of graffiti, graphic design and street art stickers with Miss Rosen Editions for Powerhouse Books. Watch for it!

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