‘Erotica’ book from Juxtapoz now available…

The latest book published by Juxtapoz - now available.

Sexuality is one of the most enigmatic facets of the human psyche. Writers and artists have spent untold ink in an effort to unravel the mysteries of our libidinous tendencies.

‘Erotica’, the new book from Juxtapoz, features titillating explorations of the subject matter by two dozen of the most exciting artists working today. Some featured works are meticulously illustrated, some abstract in style, some realistic, some forays into fantastic worlds that fuel the imagination. ‘Erotica’ includes samplings from David Choe, Audrey Kawasaki, Tara McPherson, James Jean, Rockin’ Jelly Bean, Gary Baseman, Tomer Hanuka, and many more.

Audrey Kawasaki's featured spread in 'Erotica' - now available at Juxtapoz.com

Pick up your copy today at www.juxtapoz.com – just click on the ‘store’ link and go to the ‘books’ section. Act fast and you’ll get a free print with purchase!

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