FACEBOOK decided to ‘disable’ our profile… RAD!

Sorry to those that were our friends and contacts on Facebook… we’ve had our account taken down or ‘disabled’ as they like to say. Seems we’ve suffered the same fate as the nice folks over at WoosterCollective.com, as we registered as a single person, and they seem to feel Thinkspace should have been registered as a ‘group’ or a ‘page’, so instead of a nice head’s up mail or such, asking us to update our overall profile info, they’ve simply taken down all we’ve built there.

We may relaunch something there in the near future, but this has left a rather sour taste in my mouth, no pun intended.

One thought on “FACEBOOK decided to ‘disable’ our profile… RAD!”

  1. facebook has been very accommodating to me about audrey’s pages – they’ve combined a group membership with the fan page and also combined a rouge fan page with the real one. at one point when they were helping me they didn’t think i should have created the fan page to begin with so they took it down but after a couple emails from aud’s address it was back online.

    i’m sure if you contacted them they’d fix it – i doubt they’ve actually deleted your information.


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