‘Fauna’ : Bushfire Relief Fundraiser


Bushfire Relief Fundraiser Curated by Lisa King / Supported by Thinkspace 

100% of all proceeds are going to the Wildlife support/organization WIRES.

Absolutely all funds raised will be donated directly to the cause. Find out more on all the good that WIRES are doing here.  

WHY: Throughout the recent devastating Global Catastrophe of the Australian Bushfires it has been estimated that 1.25 billion native animals have perished. It’s been estimated that as many as 8,400 koalas have been lost in the fires in NSW alone, and these numbers continue to rise. It is with this and a heavy heart that Thinkspace has decided to raise funds with 100% proceeds going to WIRES. 

WIRES Wildlife Rescue is the largest wildlife rescue & rehabilitation charity in Australia. It is a non-profit organization providing rescue and rehabilitation for all native Australian fauna. We want to thank Australian artist Lisa King for spearheading this fundraiser event and bringing together a great collection of creatives to help raise some badly needed funds.

Participating Artists: Aaron Nagel, Adnate, Askew, Case Maclaim, Claire Toms, David Rice, Dulk, Ellie Kammer, Jeremy Geddes, Joshua Smith, Lauren YS, Lisa King, Meggs, Nuno Viegas, Odeith, Pogo, Syd Bee + more to be announced.

Works are available for purchase on our webshop at: https://shop.thinkspaceprojects.com

Meggs – “Our Worlds Needs More Give or Take”

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