Fecal Face interview Pedro Matos

Pedro Matos 'As They See It' - Oil, Aerosol, and Acrylic on Canvas

Pedro Matos was born in Santarem, Portugal in 1989 and currently lives in Lisbon. Matos began painting at the young age of 16 and is currently working towards his BFA in Painting from Ar.Co in Lisbon. Growing up in the early 21st Century, Matos is heavily influenced by skateboarding and graffiti. His work infuses the grittiness of the streets with classical influences creating haunting portraits that explore the plight of those society choose to ignore and push aside.

Check out Fecal Face’s full interview with Matos here:

Look for Matos to make his debut with Thinkspace this November as part of our 5 Year Anniversary group show. Following that he’ll appear in a few high profile group shows with us in 2011 as we lead up to his debut LA solo show with us in the spring of 2012.

Keep up with Pedro here: www.pedromatos.org

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