Flavorpill, BoingBoing, VinylPulse & more preview Karmic Magic…

Check out early advance coverage on Amy Sol’s “Karmic Magic” at:

And we posted a bunch of new sneak peak shots on our flickr of Amy working on her amazing installation as well as pics of her signing the prints and more (see above).

“Karmic Magic, Las Vegas artist Amy Sol’s solo show with the Silverlake gem Thinkspace, features doe-eyed females, furry creatures, and sweetly whimsical, abstract narratives. Her graphically stylized, flattened-space compositions have a dreamlike quality, as her heroines are often caught frozen in contemplation of their surreal surroundings: carousels floating in wet skies, allegorical menageries, and windswept vistas. In their fantastical flora-and-fauna environments, Sol’s damsels relish in private moments, perhaps waiting for some type of resolution to inscrutable inner quandaries.” – FLAVORPILL.NET

“Sol’s paintings are like willfully obscure abstract fables in which she pairs images that she likes with personal ideas about the characters she creates. This visual vocabulary is the backbone to Sol’s unique brand of storytelling, which she refers to as ‘muted allegories’.” – JUXTAPOZ.COM

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