Flavorpill name "Uncommon Gardens" the show to hit this Fri…

Flavorpill.com have called out this Friday’s show at Thinkspace – “Uncommon Gardens” – as the show to hit in LA this Fri.

Check out the review here:

“Consider it Ladies’ Choice at Thinkspace this month, as the gallery devotes its wall space to the work of four women with decidedly feminine bents to their styles and imagery. Caia Koopman, Kelly Vivanco, Lilly Piri, and Catherine Brooks festoon the gallery with flora- and fauna-based artwork, all of which embraces the delicate sensuality and sweetness of the archetypal female spirit. But these gals know that ladies are made equally of sugar and spice, as evidenced in particular by the moody sultriness of Brooks’ female subjects and the graphic skate-culture edge Koopman brings to the table.” – Ashley Tibbits / Flavorpill.com

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