frest stART returns this Saturday…

fresh stART 2009 details…

Saturday, February 7th 7-9pm @ the Arena 1 Gallery at the Santa Monica Art Studios located at 3026 Airport Avenue in Santa Monica (across from the Barker Hangar)
Tickets: $40 in advance/$50 at the door – full details here.
fresh stART is an exciting one-night sale of paintings, works on paper, and photography to benefit therapeutic art programs for at-risk youth. 50% of all art sales will go to help fund arts programs at the Para Los Niños Elementary Charter School and Middle School as well as provide therapeutic arts programs for the Youth Development Services which offers current and former youth in foster care, between the ages of 14 and 21, one-on-one tutorial services, life skills training courses, mentoring services and access to all of Para Los Niños’ programs. To learn more about Para Los Niños, please visit their website at

Guest curated by Seonna Hong:
Neil Abramson, Tanya Aguiniga, Kelly Lynn Allen, Ricky Allman, Barry Anderson, Susan Arena, Sarah Awad, Sasha Bezzubov, Amy Bird, Howard Bjornson, Amanda Blake, Jill Bliss, Nicholas Bohac, Maria Britton, Benjamin Britton, Gavin Bunner, Alison Byrnes, Nancy Baker Cahill, Ryan Callis, Jerome Carlin, Diem Chau, Jonny Coleman, Erin Cosgrove, Marguerite Courntey, Zoe Crosher, Mat Daly, Jennifer Davis, Lisa DeJohn, Edward del Rosario, Johny Detiger, Seth Drenner, Felipe Dupouy, Juliane Eirich, Ashley Mclean Emeneger, Gregory Euclide, Evah Fan, Samantha Fields, David Ford, Alyson Fox, Ed Freeman, Sarajo Frieden, Benicia Gatner, Jordan Gaunce, Fausto Gerardo, Steve Gibson, Chet Glaze, Narangkar Glover, Archie Scott Gobber, Alexandra Scott Gobber, Alexandra Grant, Tim Gratkowski, William Greiner, Margaret Griffith, Wendy Heldmann, Scott Henriksen, Maggy R. Hiltner, Keith Holbrook, Susan Holcomb, Bryan Ida, Jason Jagel, Max Jansons, Marc Johns Scott, David Johnson, Heather Smith Jones, Dave Jordano, Ramis Kim, Aidan Koch, Elana Kundell, Marion Lane, Eric Lebofsky, Catherine Ledner, Curt Lemieux, Ted Liscinski, Sarah Lowing , Carl Lowing, Carl Lozada, Burton Machen, Mary Jean Mallman, Carrie Marill, Francine McDougall, Max Miceli, Jeff Miller, Elsa Mora, Jennifer Muskopf, David Newsom. Matt Niebuhr, Lori Nix, Tom Nussbaum, Saelee Oh, Elizabeth Opalenik, Anne Pearce, Ethan Pines, Alysha Pitsicalis, Josh Podoll, Matthew Porter, Lara Porzak, Hector Prida, Jeremy J. Quinn, Carlos Ramos, Bryan Ricci, Martha Rich, Carlie Roberts, Ward Robinson, Souther Salazar, Brooks Salzwedel, Arielle Sandler, Ana Serrano, Malakhi Simmons, Katherine Siy, Marnie Spencer, Henrike Stahl, Mary Ann Strandell, Julianna Swaney, Mark Todd, Kirsten Tradowsky, Trevor Traynor, Wyatt Troll, Miller Updegraff, Carlo Van de Roer, Betsy Walton, Esther Pearl Watson, Art Weeks, Grace Weston, Daniel Wheeler, Luke Whitlatch, Megan Whitmarsh, Amy Williams, Leslie Yagar, & Wesley Younie

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