GenArt Vanguard opening night goes off!!!

The opening night of the GenArt Vanguard Fair during Art Basel drew over 3,000 art lovers out and the house was packed for the full four hour affair – great vibes, strong sales (a real rarity during this year’s fairs), and massive ammounts of props from all in attendance really set the night off in a big way. We’re stoked we took part in this fair and can’t wait for next year’s – good things already brewing to make next year’s event even bigger and better!
For more on the action, check out here:
And here:
UPDATED – the good folks over at Arrested Motion now have some awesome coverage up too…

UPDATED yet again… local press now coming in too:
We’ll be posting a bunch of shots we took soon too, including many of our booth and more. Wish I could have posted them by now, but there’s just not enough time in the day down here to see all the art, meet everyone, and still try to get some sleep at day’s end. An art wonderland to say the very least.

* Pictures above courtesy Daily DuJour (thanks)

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