General update / recent trips to NYC and SF…

Been swamped with travels these past few weeks, not to mention taking down Kathie & Brandt’s show and getting ready for our openings tomorrow night. The week before last I made a trip out to NYC and Brooklyn where many good things were put into motion and earlier this week I also swung up to SF for a couple days to visit some galleries and to meet with Armsrock to discuss plans for our big show with him and Elbow-Toe this December. He’s KILLING the Upper Playground gallery up there with D*Face – their show opened tonight to what had to be a packed crowd. The gallery looked so amazing when I swung through, and they still had a day to add to it. They were both getting up all over SF. Armsrock laid down one of his signature sleeping homeless pieces on the sidewalk next to the opening of Fifty24SF – gripping to see in person. If you are in SF the next few weeks, don’t miss this one. Also, on the Upper Playground tip, keep your ear to the ground for the opening of their LA spot.

I’ll be back on track next week with the early head’s up on the underground happenings. As mentioned above, things have just been a bit nutty. Considering most spots will barely tell ya’ about a killer show that’s next door to ’em, we’re happy to always keep the community spirit alive by spreading the word.

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