Ghostpatrol gets busy down in Australia…

Australian artist Ghostpatrol has been busy as of late and has much going on. He’s just come off a killer show in Singapore alongside his mate Nior and late last year, he and his friend Miso spent a good bit of time with an ABC news crew on their trail. The end result aired recently on ABC TV Australia. The Documentary is called ‘Paper Cuts’ and runs for about 30 mins. The special has now been uploaded to the web, and is broken up below into 3 segments. The footage shows both Ghostpatrol and Miso working in their studio in preparation for their Metro 5 Gallery show ‘Nesting and Dying’.

For those new to his work, Ghostpatrol is a self taught artist who has transgressed working as a street artist to exhibiting his artwork in art galleries worldwide. Through sculpting, painting, drawing and sewing, he has created a diverse range of artwork which covers ink drawing, graffiti, commissioned murals and soft sculpture. Yet through all this diversity he has also developed a unique dark satirical style which underpins all his work across the various mediums.

Part one

Part two

Part three

On top of that, the good folks over at recently did a short feature on him as well. Check it out below.

Ghostpatrol will be in a four person show next month at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles – ‘Quiet Storm’ – alongside Krista Huot, Scott Campbell, and Roland Tamayo, so be sure to check that out if you are in the LA area. We’ll be posting shots of the show here for sure.

We also have some great works still left from his ‘Ink Advance’ show with us last year. View them here. We hope to have some new works from him in soon and plans are underway for a bigger show in early 2011 already, so we’ll keep you posted, but we love his work, and wanted to share this great series of videos with you all. Be sure to keep an eye on him, we will be.

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