Great article in the new issue of Art Ltd…

There’s a great article in the new issue of Art Ltd. called “Blurring The Lines” that was written by Gabe Scott. The article helps to shed light on the burgeoning new contemporary movement and serves as a true testament to the heat and momentum that is building around our lil’ segment of the art world.
Check out the intro to the article below:
The vast landscape of the lowbrow art world can potentially be put into a number of pluralistic categories: Pop Surrealism, the emotive, highly stylized illustrative community, graffiti (in its most pure form) and its urban/street subcultures, punk art, surf and skate indulgences, and those from the comic world. As all of these categories have seen an increase in popularity—and a good deal of critical acclaim—in recent years, the discussion about lowbrow’s validity has progressed to an interesting point. Within the last five years or so, a number of regional museums have begun to recognize the abilities of the leaders of the lowbrow movement by giving their work careful consideration within a traditional museum setting. It has been nearly 50 years since the contemporary lowbrow scene’s inception, through comic and hot rod artists planting their anti-art-establishment roots. Now we are gaining the opportunity to gauge the progress and sophistication of the first few generations of that movement on a more level playing field.
Check out the full article on-line here and be sure to pick up your copy at a news stand near you before it’s too late.
So wish I could get up to Schorr’s opening reception this Thursday up in San Jose, but I’ll have to make do by checking out pics and getting up to the exhibition before it comes down for sure. Not every day one of the leaders of our movement gets a big retrospective… but something tells me this will become more and more common place as the years progress and those we all admire and collect gain more and more recognition. It’s an exciting time to say the very least.

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