Gustavo Ponce releases series of hand-painted resin busts

Gustavo Ponce at work in his studio

Artist Gustavo Ponce has been busy working away at his studio up in the NW on a series of hand-painted resin busts that are just great lil’ examples of his work. Some of you may know Ponce as the sculpture artist behind the recent ‘Dirty Trooper’ busts and the ‘Smoking Army’ mannequins that were featured in the ‘Dirtyland’ exhibition from Brian M. Viveros… but those works barely scratch the surface of the creative output of this amazing sculpture artist. From 3D wall-mounted pieces to large, free-standing pieces, the work of Ponce is a must for those that appreciate and embrace the darker side of life.

Gustavo hand-painting in the details on his new series of resin busts

This marks the first time Gustavo has released an edition of hand-painted busts, so don’t sleep on your chance to add a piece from this amazing artist to your collection. The detail in each bust is just amazing and a must for any fan of zombie films.

Gustavo Ponce 'Hagatha' - hand painted resin bust

Order your very own hand-painted resin bust from Gustavo today here:

The piece we own from Gustavo: 'Pobi Crumble - Feeble Flight Brigade' - resin, wood and acrylic

Look for new works from Gustavo Ponce to be featured in our ‘LAX/PDX’ show this coming March at Together Gallery in Portland, OR and then in September we’ll be featuring a series of new works in our office area here at Thinkspace.

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