Hi-Fructose interview Allison Sommers / preview now live

'Quarry' - 7.75x17.5" - Gouache on illustration board

Hi-Fructose just posted a great interview with Allison Sommers

“The first time I saw Allison Sommers’ work I was amazed at how beautiful the creatures she painted really were. At first glance they almost appear to be partially inside out, with their internal organs poking through or splayed out on the floor. But as I got closer to each piece and stared a little longer, I found these creatures to be quite charming with their pleasant smiles and comically disproportionate features. Now when I visit her work online, I stay for a long time staring at these creatures that beg to be devoured with your eyes.” – Hi-Fructose.com

Check out the full Hi-Fructose interview here:

View the works from ‘Schlaraffenland’ here:

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ into Allison’s studio and view the works for the show coming together:

Allison Sommers
New paintings, drawings and sculpture

Look for a special limited print of ‘Quarry’ (pictured above) to be released opening night.

Opening Reception: THIS FRI, May 7th 7-10PM

6009 Washington Blvd. in the Culver City Arts District

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