Hi-Fructose ‘On The Road With Bretty Amory’ feature

Julianne Yates from Gallery Heist up in SF recently tagged along with artist Brett Amory as he drove down to LA for his solo show with Thinkspace. Julianne did a great job photo documenting the trip – tag along as the duo travels down south from SF and tag along with Brett as he paints a great wall mural as part of his show, gets some tattoo touch up work from Sean Barber, hunts out photo references for his next body of work and rocks his debut LA solo opening.

Check out the full feature over at Hi-Fructose here:

'Waiting #58' - oil on wood panel

Brett Amory
‘The Waiting Room’

On view through July 2nd

6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City

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