HowNosm’s ‘ACHTUNG!’ at Known Gallery

HowNosm have landed in LA again… and this time they have thrown down the gauntlet in a big way. ‘ACHTUNG!‘ opened last night at Known Gallery in Los Angeles and if you missed it, well… I feel bad for you.

For people who keep track of this, How and Nosm are the next big thing.– Carlo McCormick (curator and senior editor at Paper Magazine)

Check out a great feature on the twins in the new issue of Red Bull‘s free The Red Bulletin Magazine – also viewable online here:

“Over the course of their recent murals, How & Nosm have woven together a loose yet consistent narrative world of sorts reflecting among other things the greed of man, the interplay between modern and traditional lifestyles, and an ecosystem under threat.” –

Whatever you do, get yourself to the end of Traction Ave in downtown LA to witness their massive mural “Heartship” in person (pictured above). Produced in collaboration with the LA Freewalls Project, the mural is a thing of majestic beauty.

The Perre twins don’t sleep and aim to do at least 200 murals every year the world over. The recent release of ‘How & Nosm: The Brazil Diaries’ from On The Run is a stunning documentation of their unyielding work ethic and their dominance on the streets of Brazil (a country the duo visit regularly only a few times each year, but still find themselves up on the streets more than the majority of the local artists that live there). Be sure to pick up a copy when you visit Known Gallery to check out ‘ACHTUNG!’ in person – the only way to really dig in and view their works.

‘ACHTUNG!’ featuring new works from HowNosm
(On view through Nov. 5th)

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