Huntz Liu’s ‘Subtraction’ on view April 4th to April 25th

On view April 4 – April 25, 2020

Concurrently on view in the Thinkspace project room is “Subtraction”, featuring new works from Huntz Liu. The artist works with a straight edge and knife, cutting and layering the paper to expose geometric/abstract compositions. These compositions are comprised of shapes that sit on different planes, creating literal depth, while the composition itself creates a perceived depth. It is this intersection of the literal and perceived that informs the work; where the absence of material reveals form and the casting of shadow create line.

Recently, Liu has been further exploring the collision between imaginary space and real space: shadows that cast shadow / extruding shapes that recede like a sunken relief / sliced shapes formed by cut material.
The artist adds “Underlying every piece is the method and medium of hand-cut paper. There is a calm in this process, with its forced tedium + slow/heavy time consumption, that allows me to live in and about the work. Every shape and color, every corner and edge, I was there for. There is no escaping it and, ultimately, there are no shortcuts.”

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