Inside the Studio of Evoca1 for ‘Sanctuary’

Inside the studio of Evoca1 while he prepares for his exhibition ‘Sanctuary’ showing at Thinkspace Projects from July 17 – August 7th.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Sanctuary’ and this latest body of work?

“The initial concept for the show came up a few years back, after a conversation I had with my son who was 4 years old at the time.

After spending most of the time silent during dinner, he said to me “my friend is black”. He’d been friends with him since they were 2 years old and had never acknowledged his skin color. At first, we were furious and asked him who told him his friend was black and he replied “In school”. I always wondered at what age people start noticing skin color and the different ways it’s introduced.

From there I started thinking about how the world would be if the pandemic had wipeout all the adults and kids were left to inherit the earth. –“

Read our full interview with Evoca1 here.

Video by Birdman

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