Inside the Studio of Super A as he prepares for ‘Apostasy’

Inside the Studio of Super A as he prepares for ‘Apostasy,’ Thinkspace’s third solo presentation with the artist. The exhibition features compositions that strip cartoon, fairytale, or pop-cultural archetypes of their fantasy and veneer, revealing the realistic or historical counterparts beneath them. An apt commentary on the dissimulation of popular cultural mythology, Super A deconstructs its theater.

Inspiration behind ‘Apostasy‘:

Before I started this series called “Trapped” one of the returning subjects that always inspires me is contradiction. Two opposites that create an interesting tension. I wanted to show two worlds in one piece. I came up with some ideas to get it done but all too complex. While writing down some ideas about the fake world that surrounds us I tried to literally wrap a cartoon version around the real version. And link it to daily life where people are comfortable with wearing a mask so we don’t have to show who we really are. Interesting how for example we worship cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse but when we see a real mouse we jump on our chair and start screaming. From there the Trapped series was born. For me it came at the right moment as I was always telling one story in one painting, and then immediately move on to the next which was always pretty exhausting and I found I got a bit tired of constantly digging into all the things that somehow frustrated me to come up with new concepts So for now it’s quite enjoyable to focus on this theme and slowly develop new ideas.

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 12 from noon to 6 pm in Gallery I* masks and social distancing required at all times

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