Interview with Ador for ‘Tales of Past Times’ on view at Thinkspace Projects | December 11, 2021 – January 1, 2022

Thinkspace Projects is pleased to present ‘Tales of Past Times,’ the debut west coast solo show of Ador, one of three revered street artists featured this month, who have remained relevant and versatile over the years, blessing walls around the world, and now our gallery walls.

ADOR’s ‘Tales of Past Times’ presents novel scenes that allow the viewer to create their own story and interpretation. The work contains the humanoid characters that have made ADOR’s murals so iconic, albeit on a smaller scale. In his newest works, he has created work that is influenced by and even extracted from, tales of our own deviances. Although the characters are whimsical, they are deeply rooted in reality, thanks to ADOR’s observational nature.

To celebrate ‘Tales of Past Times’ and Thinkspace Projects final exhibition of 2021, our interview with Ador explores how his work builds upon itself and what he’s looking forward to in 2022

What was the inspiration behind this latest body of work? What themes were you exploring?

Tales of Past Times is a summation of my work in general. I use to represent childish characters as if they come from modern tales and some have few meanings behind.

What was the most challenging piece in this exhibition? How did it help you grow as an artist?

All experiences complete the former and feed the next. What is important is the body of works, I can’t talk about only one.

Every research and every project is a step.

Could you share what your day-to-day looks like when working on a new body of work?

My sketchbook is everyday burning and as ready as possible to let be a vessel that births a corpus of ideas. I notate, I write, I draw every day and sometimes an idea make come at any point in my day and in this case, I only have one thing in mind: let it exist.

What’s in your “artistic toolbox”? Are you particular about brands you use?

Sketchbook is the first tool and a starting point for everything. I develop a universe that I make alive with murals, canvases, drawings, books and shows.

How do you like to unwind outside of the studio?

I share my time between studio woks and murals, more or less, half & half. Each one needs the other.

Do you have a process for sourcing and/or keeping track of your inspiration?

I try to capture the craziest part of our surrounding. I can be in the street, in a great exhibition, in books, or when watching a bad movie.

Most artists express themselves creatively as a child, but there is a moment when a shift occurs from just being creatively inclined to being more artistically minded – do you know when that moment was for you?

I keep playing as a kid, and we call it work, but when I produce an image, I’m this kid who keeps playing.

Where have you traveled to either work on a mural or showcase your work in a gallery space? Do you have a favorite destination/wall and why?

As I said before, every trip or project needs the one before and feeds the next. It can be close to the place I live or at the end of the world, my approach is to stay on the train (or thought) and allow myself to keep bouncing between each idea.

Travel is the best way to find myself in a situation that feeds creativity. No favorite place. I went to many countries for shows or murals and each one is important in what I build.

What words of wisdom would you share with your past self when you were just starting to show your work/ create murals? Is there anything in your artistic journey that you wish you may have done differently?

I wouldn’t imagine 10 years ago make those kind of project happen. Today I’m so happy to share it and feel supported. I keep enthusiasm and I go on in sharing it. Maybe it’s the key.

What did you find to be the biggest challenge of 2020 for you?

Make life goes on and keep trusting in (some) humans. Without enthusiast people, nothing happens.

What is your proudest accomplishment of 2021? Life thus far? (can be art-related or not)

Every day, or week, or month I find a new accomplishment that makes me smile.

The show at Thinkspace is one of the more important and beautiful projects I had.

What big projects do you have coming up in 2022?

A book about 18 years of painting, I work at 2 solo shows, and I want to make kids book.

Adors first language is French. We have slightly edited Adors answers where appropriate, but have left most of the responses untouched to maintain the integrity of the interview and sentiment expressed.

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