An Interview with Alex Yanes for new group exhibition ‘GUMBO’

Alex Yanes Aves Fiera

A short but sweet interview with Alex Yanes for his upcoming show ‘GUMBO’ at Thinkspace Gallery. ‘GUMBO’ will be featuring new pieces from seven Thinkspace artists who all bring a different style, voice, and flavor to their art. ‘GUMBO’ opens Saturday April 25th from 6-9pm, and will be on view till May 16th. 

SH: What artist in the upcoming ‘Gumbo’ show would you want to collaborate with and why?
AY: It’s a dead tie between Sergio Garcia & Troy Coulterman. Both of them blew my mind during Art Basel this year! Would be cool to create something really crazy and busy, coming out of the walls with those two.

SH: When do you get the most work done; morning, noon, or night?
AY: I’m a morning person, but work 10 hour days. Cuban expresso all day, everyday.

SH: In three words, describe your artwork.
AY: Clean Calm Collected

SH: How long does it take you to finish a piece? What is your processes?
AY: About a week or so, depending on size. I always work on more than one piece at a time, hate watching paint dry. Usually begins with a rough sketch, then individually hand cut shapes or built out boxes. I transform them into things as I go along, attach them together and there you have it.

Alex Yanes Bubblegum Rider

SH: Do you remember the first time you showed your work to the public? Where was it?
AY: Yup. The bar at the Marlin Hotel on Miami Beach back in 2004. Although according to my Mom, I had a drawing of a rabbit wearing a Walkman, riding a skateboard exhibited at the County Youth Fair when I was in 1st grade.

SH: Do you have any wise words for a fledgling artist who admires your work?AY: I never did it for the money. Trained myself to create every day, even when I don’t feel like it. My Art has always helped me through the low spots in my life and granted me unimaginable accomplishments. People told me I could never make it a career and I stuck with it anyway. Never quit! Although it doesn’t define me as a person, my art is a piece of me. I feel most alive in the studio, in my zone, making something out of nothing.

SH Bonus question: Speaking of gumbo, have you ever been to New Orleans? If so, tell us a tale! If not, tell us another tale.
AY: Nope, but its cousin Key West is only a 2.5 hour drive from Miami. Been there many, many times, but only remember bits and pieces. Cheers!!

gumbo postcard

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